In a conference call, we talked to Amy Poehler, Adam Scott and showrunner Mike Schur. Plenty of Parks and Recreation season 5 spoilers were hinted at. Let us share them with you.

Parks and Recreation Spoilers Below – Do not read if you have not at least seen the season 5 episode “Halloween Surprise.”

Mike Schur on Ron Swanson’s “Lone Wolf Heart”: “This is an important person in his life and he has to make some adjustments. …and he hasn’t really made any adjustments in 30 years.” And Lucy Lawless will probably we around for a while because.. ” We’re gonna follow that story for a while.”

Mike Schur on Retta and Donna’s Tweeting: Apparently Retta tweeted the entire second season of Buffy, so this aspect of tweeting was worked into an episode for Donna. He said that they take aspects of the casts lifes and weave them into their characters. “We do that the most with Aziz (Ansari), Retta, and Nick (Offerman.) But everyone’s character has some aspect of their real life persona.” So you can get more Parks and Rec spoilers for season 5 just by seeing what Adam Scott or Rashida Jones is tweeting about.

Will Ben and Leslie get married in season 5?” Mike Schur talked about that whenever something good happens, Amy Poehler will text him and say “Let’s just hustle.” It’s their motto. And it’s all about letting the chips fall where they may and not overworry. They want to hustle and make the show as good as it can be, without plotting things out for a long time, or holding off on things. It sounds like we might get a wedding for season 5, guys! Think about what April and Andy did. Schur doesn’t want to wait for things, he makes them happen and then goes onto the next great idea. Schur noted, “We learned a long time ago that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. So our motto has been, just go for broke … Tell the stories you want to tell, when you want to tell them and damn the torpedoes.”

Mike Schur on getting political ideas
: “We spend a lot of time poking around the internet…” Schur explained, when talking about how he thinks up topical ideas for plots. “We just try to anticipate what the things are that will be on peoples minds” He said they alternate between politically focused stories and personal stories. “We don’t want to feel like the show is doing one (type) more often.” If you want Parks and Recreation season 5 spoilers… Schur said in the next few episodes its the personal lives that will be explored. “I personally just think that government is funny. I am constantly amazed by how absurd the things are that come out of politicians mouths,” Schur added.

Will Leslie Knope be a Bridezilla? Binders full of women (in wedding dresses) right? Maybe not! Poehler said there will be some surprises in how everybody handles, talks, and deals with this news. But she wouldn’t use the term of Bridezilla. Schur backed her up, saying that the phrase itself was misogynistic. He pointed out that when two women are up for the same award people talk about a catfight happening, but when two men are up for the same award they don’t talk about a penis fight. More to the point, Schur said that since Leslie is such a selfless character that’s not her style. “One of the main characteristics of Leslie is she is very other-directed and she cares very deeply about her friends and the people around her. She would want her wedding to be as much a celebration of the people she is friends with and the town she is in as she would making it about herself.”  But he was quick to say the wedding might not happen this season. “I’m not saying there’s going to be a wedding or anything! But the whole idea of her character is that she will walk to the end of the earth for her friends.”

Ben Wyatt’s Parents (Mr. Wyatt is Scary!): Poehler is wary of revealing too much and as for Ben’s parents she immediately consulted Mike Schur, “How much do we spoil, Schur?” So she started with the basics. “We know who the actors are! Glenne Headly and Jonathan Banks. It’s a rare peek into Ben’s world and the dynamics of a high stress party with relatives is a bad mix.” Scott added, “I love the idea of Ben’s Father being just a little terrifying. I think it fits in really well with the character of Ben. And Jonathan Banks was hilarious.”

Jean Ralphio: Is returning in the next episode! He’ll be helping Tom with his Rent-A-Swag business. And Mike Schur calls him by his full name, “Jean Ralphio Saperstein.” Ben Schwartz, get on our TVs now! (Note: House of Lies is starting back up on Showtime soon!)

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays on NBC.