It can’t be Jean Ralphio (Ben Schwartz), right? It’s so obviously him that it couldn’t be!

PARKS AND RECREATION — “Are You Better Off?” Episode 522 — Pictured: Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

PARKS AND RECREATION — “Are You Better Off?” Episode 522 — Pictured: Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Parks and Recreation Review

Ron Swanson the Father

Before we found out that (of course!) Diane was pregnant with Ron’s child, we were all so certain April was the one who was pregnant. But when she walked in and said she was definitely not pregnant my mind went to a really dark place. A place that Parks and Rec would not go. But I’m curious if anyone else went there…. I had a thought that April had been pregnant, and she’d just come back from getting an abortion.

Now, as for Ron being an actual Dad, it’s an amazing plot point and I cannot wait to see how he deals with a pregnant woman, let alone a small baby that is his own.

Anne and Andy

“Oh boy, what do you want, Macklin?” Anne said, playing along as Andy appeared in his FBI coat at her door. I love how cool she was with playing along. Andy is like that one child who you just always give in to. I also loved her reaction to knowing someone else was pregnant. It was honest, especially coming from a woman who is trying to get pregnant without any success.

If it wasn’t Diddy…

So, who is opening up “Tommy’s Closet” across from “Rent-A-Swag”? I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to think it’s Jean Ralphio, meaning that is too obvious of a choice. So, who do you think it could be?

AND, not to get weepy, but…

Thank you to Michael Schur and Greg Daniels for another great season. Thank you to Amy Poehler for being a smart woman who plays a smart, hyperly-ambitious female character on television – both of whom other women can look up to. Thank you to Adam Scott for letting all the women on Twitter pretend he’s their boyfriend (even if it makes their husbands a little confused.) Thank you to Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Jim O’Heir, Retta and Rob Lowe. You are all part of one of the best shows NBC has going for it. You’re all part of the show that I marathon on Netflix when I’m feeling depressed. You’re important, and all so funny and talented that it makes you nearly perfect humans. (We will fix the rest of you with these robot brains, don’t worry!)

And… Leslie Knope… watch  Game of Thrones this summer, and then you’ll know what to do to fight the recall.

Great things from “Are You Better Off?”

  • City Hall is run by the Walrus Mafia. It was never a thing before April said it. But now it is, and I love it.
  • Bert Macklin was back. We needed him! I need him every day.
  • Leslie running through the forum, with her hands out for low five’s,
  • Pawnee racoons attacks have decreased – including in grocery stores!
  • Lil Swaggers. Rent-A-Sag.
  • Napkins as a vegetable. Ha!
  • The Incredible Burt Wonderbone, Argoo. Ha!
  • Ben’s face when Andy asked if Leslie was pregnant. He wants a tiny WyattKnope baby!
  • A mention of Treat Yo Self!
  • Womb There it Is Pregnancy Tests
  • Mona Lisa has a pregnancy test brand she prefers.
  • Nipple King
  • Ben thinks it might be Kate Upton, not Leslie. I can’t believe Ben even knows who Kate Upton IS.
  • That Leslie finger wag float! Wow. Realistic~
  • Jean Ralphio! I missed you and your hipster scarves.
  • Dance movie titles. Stomp the Yard! That was a good movie. Honey was less of a good movie.
  • April wants to adopt creepy Romanian twins.
  • Tommy’s Closet
  • Ron Swanson is going to be a father! And not of an anti-political movement, of a real human!