It’s hard when you’re stuck in between a gorilla and a gingerbread house. But it helps if you have sno cones.

Time for some mini golf on Parks and Recreation. Photo: NBC

Time for some mini golf on Parks and Recreation. Photo: NBC

In this episode of Parks and Recreation, we got to see Andy’s return to music after he quits it. I have to admit I didn’t find this storyline all that exciting. Although, we did get another Andy original via the “Swan Song” – with bonus dying swan noises…

Tom is single again. But at least he’s got his favorite blanket to keep him warm at night. I enjoyed Mona Lisa, but I also wanted to push her out the window of a very tall building. So, bye bye to her! And will there be more Anne and Tom? I don’t think so. I think that forced kiss was a way of showing us that Tom/Anne are very much over, so that Anne and Chris can become the endgame.

Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson have a great relationship, and seeing them interacting never does anything but bring smiles to all kids and kittens. But what worries me is that Ron has pointed out that Leslie might actually not be cut out for politics, since so many people are like Jamm. And it’s a surprise that this hasn’t registered earlier. Politicians are not known for being sweet and easygoing. They’re dirty and they make dirty deals in dirty places! And that’s not Leslie. That’ll never be Leslie. So… what’s going to be her next move?

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Everyone in the world would be happier if we all just played mini golf all the time. Photo: NBC

Everyone in the world would be happier if we all just played mini golf all the time. Photo: NBC

Parks and Recreation Review via Live Blog reactions

Rage sweat vs Rage glowing! Which do you do? I could see “Rage Glow” as a perfume by JLo. Or Leslie. Either.

The PPPPP. “What did the PPPPP ever do to you?” – Leslie Knope

There are just certain things you don’t cut. Schools. Police. Mini Golf. Merry go round’s. Parades. Gazebo repair. Roads and bridges. whatever. Pretty gardens. Hummingbird feeders. – Leslie

“The Hoover Dam is a travesty.” – Ron

That put put is gonna be around forever. And when I’m done with it, it’s gonna attract more visitors than the Hoover Damn. And it’ll produce double the amount of electricity. – Leslie
How? – Ron
I’ll figure it out. It already has windmills. Who cares! – Leslie

I personally love mini golf courses. I’ve never known a mini golf course caddy, though. I do love the idea of positive reinforcement, though. “Way to be, duck!”

“I should be more assertive.” – Ben

Mouse Rat without Andy! Rat Mouse?

“She once jumped out of a moving car to get a Nicki Minaj poster.” – Tom

“Hot dogs? You know I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you racist.” – Jamm

“Well, I dropped my cell in a bowl of cereal last week. If you called me, you’d know that.” – Andy

Oh hell, I want a sno cone. Don’t you want a sno cone? Who doesn’t want a sno cone?

“It’s like the Toy Story 3 of places.” – Leslie Knope

“You guys sound like school.” – Jamm

“Losing on purpose is a form of lying.” – Ron

Diddy’s on instagram!? How did I not know that Diddy was on instgram, jagweeds? – Mona Lisa

Who are you yelling at? – Anne
The jagweeds. Why are you still in front of me? – Mona Lisa

I’m an adult now. I work two part time jobs now. Hello. – Andy

I really only listen to German Death Reggae and Halloween Sound Effects records from the 1950’s. And Bette Midler. Obviously. – April Ludgate’s music

When you’re not around. Tom drinks tap water. – Anne Perkins

We’re done. You’re awesome. And I don’t even usually like Puerto Rican chicks. – Mona Lisa

You sure make a guy feel like a real lady. – Jamm

Why is there a gorilla guarding this gingerbread house? – Ron
Because mini golf is awesome. – Leslie

Bean Sprouts. Tofu. Ralph Nader. Anne Raynd is a terrible writer. – Leslie Knope

Oh, hello Ron. I believe you know this gorilla. It used to bring joy to hundreds of Pawnee families. But then you got rid of its habitat. Your office shall serve as its monkey tomb. – Leslie

His name is Mr. Fuzzyface! – Leslie

Chenille O’Neal the blanket.

What’s up, yellow head? – Jamm

Twas Leslie that killed the beast. – Leslie