Career or relationship? Even Amy Poehler‘s character on Parks and Recreation has to make that tough decision as the NBC series enters season 4. And man, she thought park planning was tough? Tcha. This might be like a Sophie’s Choice. But I don’t really know, mostly because I never saw that movie.

You want Parks and Recreation season 4 spoilers, do you? Well, the best thing to do is to start asking questions. Like… Will Leslie Knope run for office? Will she date Ben? Is Adam Scott sad he missed the Party Down reunion? Why is Tammy 1 back? (Tammy 1 is played by Patricia Clarkson, probably one of the actresses I love and respect the most in the world, WHAT!) Who will play Tammy 0, Ron Swanson’s mother? Will Tammy 2 aka Megan Mullally be back? Does it count as a Party Down reunion part 2 if Adam Scott and Megan Mullally are in a scene together?  Do we love Aubrey Plaza‘s new haircut? Does it seem like I’m not over Party Down being canceled? (Hi, Lizzy Caplan! Ryan Hansen! Everyone!) Do you think Megan Mullally wishes there were less “L”‘s in her name? I do.

Amy Poehler says about Tammy 1, “It’s the creepiest thing we’ve seen happen to Ron. And we’ve seen Ron in corn rows.” I’m looking forward to Parks and Rec season 4, what about you?

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