Yes, Joe Biden is there! But he’s tiny!

Will you have a “perfect storm of emotions” about this Parks and Recreation Knope/Wyatt Unity quilt?? You can see that Li’l Sebastian gets his own square. Ben’s square features Game of Thrones and a calculator.  Leslie Knope, we are stunned again!

Parks and Rec Quotes:

Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot. – Tom Haverford

Pizza. The Beach. Rock N Roll Music. Laughter. The Beach.
Snails crawling out of your mouth.
Dave Matthews Band.
Dave Matthews Band.
– April and Andy

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Wyatt Family. – Ben

Ron in 60 Seconds. – Tom Haverford

You just googled Amanda Bynes side boob. What is wrong with you? – Tom Haverford

Get in the car, we’re going to Australia. – Leslie Knope

This lesbian nurse is right, Chris. – April

Cause technically I’m homeless. – Jean Ralphio, singing