parks and recreation castChris Pratt jumps in during a scene break to chat with Amy Poehler & Rashida Jones! Parks and Recreation got compared to the Wu-Tang clan, so Chris asks Amy what rap group the cast of Community would be. I love the network-wide Thursday night support. For a twist on the standard Paley festival, I’d love to see the casts of Parks and Recreation, Community, The Office, and 30 Rock all get together for a big Q&A. (If anything is saving NBC, it’s these four core shows.) And I’d also be requiring behind the scenes footage of their after party.

Hanging with Amy & Rashida (but not Mr. Cooper): 

P.S. Why do I always try to eat banana’s for breakfast when I know that I hate banana’s unless they’re floating in a bowl of Honey Nut cheerios? Wasteful!