Parker Posey will recently be guest starringĀ  as Lindsay on Parks and Rec. She was a fan of both the show and of Amy Poehler, so was happy to be part of it. During a short interview, she mentioned several times that she’d been waiting to be asked to guest star on any show. (Way to sound desperate, c’mon Posey! You’re better than that!)

We can’t help but notice that she seems a little bored during the interviews in these videos. Had no one brought her some caffeine yet? There are five videos after the jump of/about Parker Posey on Parks and Rec.

Posey’s character of Lindsay is a snotty rival of Leslie Knope.

Parker Talks About Parks

Hear Parker Posey’s take on guest starring on Parks and Recreation!

Amy Poehler Tells All!

Amy Poehler discusses her “garbage fight” with guest star Parker Posey!

Parker Posey Does Parks!

Leslie Knope takes on a bitchy, elitist rival played by Parker Posey!

A Fencing Duel

Leslie withstands yet another rude attack from Lindsay, the biggest snob in Eagleton.

Trashing Eagleton

Leslie’s plan to get back at Eagleton hits a detour when Lindsay (Parker Posey on Parks and Rec) arrives.