Tonight’s episode of Parenthood was truly wonderful, and wrapped up most of the season’s storylines without feeling rushed. Also, it could serve as a satisfying series finale if, by some chance, the show is not picked up for a fifth season. So much happened, so let’s get to it. I will be breaking down the episode in terms of the amount of tears shed along with the emotional bewilderment I experienced with each storyline. Bear with me, folks. (For the record, I have never cried so much in an episode of Parenthood in my entire life.)

PARENTHOOD — Season: 4 — Pictured: (l-r) Dax Shepard as Crosby Braverman, Lauren Graham as Sarah Braverman, Erika Christensen as Julia Braverman-Graham, Peter Krause as Adam Braverman — Photo by: NBC

Parenthood Season 4, Episode 15 “Because You’re My Sister”

First of all, let’s start with the sad. Sarah turns down Mark and tells him she wants to make it work with Hank. Later, Hank, having retuned from a quick trip to Minnesota to visit his daughter, tells Sarah he has decided to move there. Sarah is, understandably, distraught. She finally found someone who could make her life better, and she can’t get mad at him for choosing to be closer to his daughter. Hank shows up at her house at the end and tells her he loves her. He also asks her to come with him, but I can’t imagine Sarah moving to Minnesota, no matter how much she wants to be with Hank. I don’t necessarily hate this storyline, especially since Hank is making the right choice, but I really want Sarah to be happy. There are only two people he cares about in his life. Ray Romano will certainly be missed, as will Jason Ritter, but I’m not sure we are quite done with Hank. And finally, Lauren Graham is a genius, and she is a joy to watch on screen. If this is the end, then I hope someone snatches her up quickly.

Next, we head to the scary-cum-satisfying. Kristina and Adam visit her doctor and he tells her that everything looks clear, but she will need a PET scan to confirm. While heading into her last chemo session, she sees Gwen (Gilmore Girls’ Gypsy) whose cancer has returned. Later, Adam surprises Kristina with two tickets to Hawaii, but she doesn’t want to go because she is terrified and is scared the cancer has spread. My brother’s cancer started in his renal glands and kidneys and spread to his lungs and spine, so her concerns are valid. In the end, though, we learn she is cancer free. In the mostly silent scene, we get wonderful, tearful reactions from Peter Krause and Monica Potter, the latter of whom has been doing Emmy caliber work all season. Finally, with Eddie Vedder serenading them in the closing montage, we see Adam and Kristina lounging on a Hawaiian beach, finally relaxing after an incredibly stressful year.

Soon, we head into happy territory. Drew gets accepted into UC Berkley and celebrates accordingly. The family wraps him up in hugs and kisses while decked out in UC Berkley gear. It was truly adorable. Also, Jasmine’s mom Renee decides to move out since Crosby never apologized to her; which, like I said last week, is not warranted. While on their anniversary date, Jasmine tells Crosby that her mother raised Jabbar for five years and feels like she’s being pushed out. Oh, and she’s pregnant. Yes! Jasmine and Crosby will be having another baby! They, too, celebrate accordingly. After dinner, the duo head over to see Renee and her brother while Crosby apologizes and share their good news. Another wonderful moment in an episode already full of wonderful moments.

What follows is even happier, if you can believe it. Ryan shows up at Amber’s apartment and apologizes to her for his behavior. Oh, and he loves her. Matt Lauria and Mae Whitman have incredible chemistry and I’ve missed seeing them together. Amber heads to Ryan’s house and tells him that she was in a car accident a few years ago and was drunk. It was a wake-up call for her, and has allowed her to grow and mature. I hate how dramatic, serious moments make people wake up as realization sets in, but sometimes it’s the only way to snap that person awake. She tells Ryan that his actions scared her and that she loves him too and is there for him. The two kiss and I want to throw up from the adorableness of it all. The closing montage show the two hand in hand as Ryan points to an engagement ring while Amber smiles.

Finally, in the happiest storyline of the night, Julia and Joel finalize Victor’s adoption. The two take Victor shopping for a new suit, and he picks out goofy, matching ties for him and Joel to wear. Also, Syndey is a brat, but she’s warmed up to him. The entire Braverman clan goes to the courthouse to witness the adoption; all of the Bravermans speak up and promise to love and protect and care for Victor. Sam Jaeger and Erika Christensen could barely get through the scene as the judge grants their request. I love when the whole cast gets together, and we haven’t seen a scene like that since the Christmas episode. More for season five, please!

The episode has been over for some time and I am still crying from happiness. When done right – which Parenthood is about 85 percent of the time – this show is incredibly satisfying, and season four was the strongest, best season yet. There was so much character growth this season, which is unusual for a show on its fourth year. If we don’t get a season five then Parenthood ended on an incredibly strong note. It’s been a pleasure.

Written by Jordan Hickman. You can read more from her at and follow her on twitter at @jordan_hickman.