Pan Am takes a nose dive towards boring. Is anyone even watching anymore?

pan am season 1So, here’s the thing. It’s not me. Because, for a really good TV show, I will make the time. That means it’s you, Pan Am. And you know I really wanted to give you a chance. We had our first blind date and I was excited by the prospect of what you had to offer – like cool 60’s fashions and Christina Ricci. But you kept telling me these watered down stories that didn’t make any sense, and had no sense of cohesion to keep me interested. You even took someone I love (Kelli Garner) and made her boring. But I know she’s not boring because I saw Dreamland before anyone else saw that Lars movie and started raving about her! Ahem.

As it is, a highlight of “The Genuine Article” actually was Kate’s (Garner) hair. It was styled very well. And Ricci’s character has spunk, but I still don’t care all that much about any of the characters. And there’s no pizazz that’s igniting the show for me. When I sit down to watch Pan Am, I just prepare to grin and bare it.

Sidebar: Is that really what happened. The United States CIA would just take Stewardesses that seemed pretty and moderately smart and use them to spy, and then have them turn assets? Because that seems fairly implausible and it makes me very concerned about how this country was running. A show with a premise revolving about a stewardesses who got recruited and all that, that I would watch. But that’s not what this show has been billed as. And honestly, I’m already watching Covert Affairs so I have the naive spy thing covered.

But the thing is, I’m better than that. And I’m way behind on The Walking Dead! So, Pan Am, I’m breaking up with you. I’m not watching any more episodes. And it’s not me at all. It’s you. You’re boring.

P.S. I hope you prove me wrong. And hey, you gave me the brief inspirational thought to listen to Youtube language tutorials and pretend I was back in a college language lab while boning up on my French phrases. But there’s probably an app for that stuff now, right?

Happy Trails