If you were Pam Beesley (Jenna Fischer) would you also refuse to move? What if it meant a looming divorce?

Jim and Pam in happier, easier days.

Jim and Pam in happier, easier days.

In the most recent episode of The Office (“Stairmageddon”) we learned that Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jam!) are taking their problems to a marriage counselor. But even without the counselor, we know they need help.

Pam was heard confessing to Nellie that she has often felt that Jim doesn’t listen to her, or respect her voice in their marriage. (Going as far back as when he bought his parents house for them.) She doesn’t want to move, not at all. It uproots their family, she has no job in Philadelphia, and she might not hate her Dunder Mifflin job as much as you’d expect!

Meanwhile, Jim talked to Toby about how he would have serious problems if Pam wouldn’t move.  He’s gotten a new, great job with Athlead and he cant’ understand why his wife won’t support him. In his eyes, he doesn’t think the Dunder Mifflin job is so important that she would want to stay there.

Take our poll on The Office and let us know where you stand… it’s not Team Jim or Team Pam, it’s which is the best move for Team Jam? If they can’t agree, are they headed for a divorce? And if so, how devastated will you be?

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P.S. Do you think Jim and Pam will break up before the finale?