Pictured left to right: Jennifer, Erin, Nicole, Laura and Sundai Cycle 13 Photo: Ryan Goble/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Pictured left to right: Jennifer, Erin, Nicole, Laura and Sundai. Cycle 13 Photo: Ryan Goble/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Last night was a new episode of ANTM and we started off with five model wannabe’s: Jennifer, Erin, Nicole, Laura and Sundai. They learned how to pose on the beach with “Barbie Toe” from Supermodel Marissa Miller (who got these short models excited when she exclaimed that she’s only 5’8”). The challenge was that they had to jump off a cliff beautifully while also not dying. And then for their photoshoot they had to go under water and pose.

But of course neither of those went down without a few complaints. We’ll try to give the girls points for all doing the challenge and photoshoot, but if you sign up for ANTM you really should be prepared to do anything.

Sundai – (ELIMINATED) Sundai hit the side of her head smack into the water as she jumped, so water was in her ear. That sucks and doesn’t feel great, but she was still in Hawaii and competing for loads of prizes. So we don’t really appreciate her attitude about that as a reason to not want to go down deep in the water for her shoot. It seemed foreshadowing that Sundai told the girls she’d tell them her backstory once she was in the top four – only to eliminated last night. Guess we’ll never know until she tells all to Tyra on her talk show.

Laura – It was Laura’s birthday and the girls did make an effort to celebrate it. But major BOO’s to Tyra for making Laura remove a vest her Grandmother had made and sent to her for her birthday when the judges decided it didn’t look good for that outfit.

Erin – Erin is still a pouty beeytch, so she pouted and beeytched wherever she went. The girls are being a lot more vocal about telling the cameras that they don’t like her. Still, Erin keeps getting saved while in the bottom two. Begging the question: Just how fixed is this competition?

Jennifer – (PHOTOSHOOT WINNER) Nicole is our favorite and the other girls are seeing that she’s the clear front runner and being catty about it. Well, at least Jennifer was. Nicole had the best picture last night, but because she consistently has such good stuff the judges awarded best photo to Jennifer. My guess? They thought Jen’s photo was so good because normally she never has anything like that. The pressure has been getting to this girl and I do not think she’s up to the challenge of being the winner.

Nicole – (CHALLENGE WINNER) Nicole was born to model. She is perfection. She should win. She’s growing and showing her personality, which is as beautiful as her outside. Gracious, intelligent, poised, quirky – she’s all the things you hope models would be but probably never are.

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