Our highlight pick from Glee’s episode Sectionals may surprise you. It really all came down to just one line that made us die of laughter. (Make sure to go see our other TV episode highlights.)

glee sectionals

Principal Figgins: Sue, the directors, both from the Jane Adams Academy and Haverbrook Acadamy for the Deaf have informed me that you gave them the New Directions set lists.
Sue: You have no proof.
Principal Figgins: The set-lists were on Cheerios letterhead.
Sue: Didn’t do it.
Principal Figgins: They say “From the Desk of Sue Sylvester”.
Sue: Circumstantial evidence.
Principal Figgins: They’re written in your hand-writing.
Sue: Forgeries!
Principal Figgins: Sue, there is an ORGY  of evidence stacked against you!