There’s some 2011 Oscar Dresses we didn’t mention in our first two posts. But leaving them out all together couldn’t happen! So, here you go. It’s time for the eco friendly, the overly busty, and the worst earrings ever!

livia firth golden globes 2011

livia firth golden globes 2011: She is wearing an upcycled, eco-friendly dress by Gary Harvey.

gwyneth paltrow 2011 oscars

gwyneth paltrow 2011 oscars: She’s a fashion icon for a reason. It may not be my personal style, but this metallic Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Collection gown is perfect for her.

natalie portman oscar dress 2011

natalie portman oscar dress 2011: I loved her tassel earrings, but during her best actress acceptance speech they kept dangling and shaking so much I realized they were a bad choice. ANYWAY. She’s wearing a Rodarte dress and heels while pregnant. She’s brave!

oprah oscars dress 2011

oprah oscars dress 2011: I felt like the top part of Oprah’s dress (Zac Posen) was too tight. I couldn’t stop looking at her breast-al area!

reese witherspoon oscars 2011: Witherspoon had my favorite dress of the night! This Giorgio Armani Prive gown is simple, and the acent of her gorgeous hair (some may be fake, who cares) is perfect. It’s Hollywood glamour.

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