oprah-pictures Oprah has been walking a fine-line when it comes to the book that Kitty Kelly has put out called Oprah: A Biography. On one hand, she wants to strike back and call out what she doesn’t like. On the other hand, if she mentions the book too often people will start to get curious and seek the book out. Oprah has called this a “so-called biography” because of what she says are lies. I honestly cannot decide if I think the book is full of mostly lies or mostly truths that Oprah didn’t want out there. But I do think that it’s very unfair to write an unauthorized biography on someone. Oprah has always been very honest about a lot of things with her viewers, so anything she has held back she has held back for a reason. Maybe to have some semblance of privacy in the public eye, for instance.

On Monday, Winfrey was at The New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards, where she presented an award to her BFF, Gayle King. People reports that she thanked King for showing her “what true love really is.” Winfrey said of King that she was “her best friend who always wants the best for me” adding, “She’s never been jealous or envious of me a single moment of my life except when I was on stage singing with Tina Turner.”

Who do you think should be the one to tell Oprah that there is no way that’s the only time Gayle has been jealous? C’mon. That CANNOT be true.