We may be all watching to see how crazy Lilo acts for this docu-series, but we’re also getting some great moments from Oprah.

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Oprah has great advice for Lindsay Lohan. But is she really gonna take it? Photo: OWN Network

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Oprah’s Advice to Lindsay Lohan

Everyone has to do this at some point
“You are going to have to prove the naysayers wrong.” – Oprah

Haters gonna hate
“The vultures are waiting to pick your bones. And that shouldn’t frighten you, that should liberate you. Cause if I were you, I wouldn’t let them have me. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction…Cause they’re waiting.” – Oprah

This is something I always forget to actually do!
“The most important work for you right now is the true Spiritual work. …Your core believes about what is the essence of you. And allowing the power, whatever you call it …. to work through you. Cause the most important thing you can do right now is to align with that. I’m telling you, that’s where your strength your and power is. That’s where it all is. Being able to do the personal work on yourself.” – Oprah

It’s not just waiting for celebrities, either
“Everything is going to operate based upon how you are feeling about yourself. And to become everything that you want to be. It’s just waiting there for you.” – Oprah

It helps when someone great believes in you
“I believe that you believe, that this is your time to turns this all around for yourself.” – Oprah

This is just funny!
“I know you’re surprised to hear me say f*$k.” – Oprah

Don’t block yourself!
“You have heart intelligence. Phenomenal things are gonna come from you. If you don’t continue to block them.” – Oprah

Which is your favorite piece of advice from Oprah?