Tonight on ‘Opposite Worlds’ (Syfy) we’ll learn the reward and punishment for the most and least popular players from last week. Then, another worldly challenge will begin.

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Opposite Worlds tonight:

  • Episode 103: “Worlds”
  • Premieres TODAY, January 28 @ 10pm
  • Our remaining 10 contestants are caught by surprise as America’s choice for the two new players join the past and the future. The most popular and least popular players are given their reward and punishment as chosen by viewers. Our players head into their second worldly challenge. Will Team Chronos hold onto the Future or will Team Epoch finally see their time in the sun?

Opposite Worlds tomorrow:

  • Episode 104: “Live: Duel”
  • Premieres Wednesday, January 29 @ 10pm
  • 12 contestants remain as America’s choice for the Decider chooses two players for the second LIVE Duel of Destiny. Will the player from the past have the edge to prevail or will the future shut them down?

REACT: Are you for Team Chronos or Team Epoch?