After another hard defeat, Team Epoch isn’t looking good.

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Opposite Worlds Recap Notes

It’s a new week, so a new wordy challenge was presented to our ‘Opposite Worlds’ gang. But first, let’s take a look at how the group dynamics are adding up.

With Wyatt gone, Team Chronos should be sailing by just fine. But that’s not what we see. Jeffrey is still a snitch, and hates his teammate Jesse. And when Jesse suggested they let Team Epoch go to the future, even if they don’t win… that brought up some discussion. A few people seemed to see the merit of taking that dive, like Lisette. (It would certainly make America like them more. And this would let them be the decider in upcoming challenges. Not a terrible trade-off.)

Interestingly, this suggestion by Jesse brought out the crazy in new team member, Mercy. To paraphrase other team members, “Who in the name Batman are you, crazy woman?!”

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For the Worldly challenge, Epoch sailed through with positivity. Meanwhile, Team Chronos was chaotic and a little angry. (This would be a good time to remind everyone that Jesse has a military background, and he was the one leading the team.) The main difference between how the two teams worked was that Team Epoch worked as a group, and Team Chronos had individually flailing people all fighting to be heard.

The difference between the teams was over 5 minutes. Epoch took about 23 minutes, and Chronos had 18 minutes.

Having won, Chronos had a choice to go to the future or past. Jeffrey was the one to say they would return to the future.

America picked Lauren as their favorite player.  For least favorite…Jesse. His punishment was to serve the other team by going into their world. He took Frank with him, and it’s important to note that Frank volunteered.

As a reward, Lauren got to take someone for a spa day. She picked Sam to join her.

Opposite Worlds Review Notes

Danielle (Team Chronos) has a tall and thin model frame, which contributed to being pulled around a lot and unable to keep her balance during the Worldly Challenge. Her team members should have been more respectful of their teammates. But it speaks to her endurance that she didn’t complain about it.

Did you catch Jeffrey giving a thumbs down when host, Luke Tipple, asked the team if they all agreed for Jesse to be the one to guide them through the Worldly Challenge? He’s a smarmy fellow. How will this be reflected in whether he’s punished for being the least favorite…that’s what I’m waiting to see.

Chronos should have decided to go back to past, but they didn’t even discuss it. Epoch went back to the past, and were given a raw rabbit covered in flies to cook. What did Chronos have? A huge spread, and even champagne.

Though some teammates were annoyed by how the team worked in the challenge, they could forgive it all because they won. But it was clear that Frank is the person who annoyed them all.

Didn’t you want Jeffrey to go with Jesse to suffer the punishment?

Angela’s face was pissed when she heard that, without a beat, Lauren picked Sam to join her for the spa day.

There’s no lying here, seeing Sam and Lauren in white bikinis, cleaning each other in a big, soapy tub…it was enjoyable.

In realizing that he couldn’t start a fire, Frank should have spied to see how Team Epoch had figured out how to do it.

“It’s nice to go back to the future. The future is nice.” – Frank, being eloquent

“We may not have won the competition, but we have won America’s hearts.” – Sam

“It’s like Christmas morning right now.” – Lauren, shaving her legs

Do you have a favorite team? Does anyone at all like Chronos?