Wyatt the Hulk went against Jesse the Great Squinter.

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Opposite Worlds Recap

Team Epoch got to decide who went forward in the Duel. They played it smart in hoping to eliminate a power player on Team Chronos. Obviously this meant trying to take Jesse out of the game. To go against him, they picked Wyatt.  Hilariously, the main drama that played out was not between Jessse and Wyatt (the latter having a vendetta against the former because with that kind of testosterone you gotta pick someone to blame everything for) but Wyatt and his team mates.

Quickly summed up, Team Epoch had previously (off camera) decided that if a new person came into their team, they’d be put up into the duel first. But rather than put in wimpy Steven (sorry, he plays Quidditch* so he’s tougher than we know. Apparently.) they decided it had to be Wyatt. A fight went on, the wolf pack voted. Wyatt was pissed.

The duel involved diving into freezing water, reaching around in the dark to find swords, and then running and putting the sword in the stone. The race was tighter than those body outfits they all wear for duels. Miraculously, Jesse won.

*I’ll never not laugh at this. Especially when he says “It’s not nerdy, etc etc, It’s from Harry Potter.” That’s an oxymoron or I’m the Sultan of Soul. I may have spent some time watching a certain bespectacled hero conjure up a patronus in my days, but I’d never label it as “not nerdy.”

Lauren is now the most popular. Jesse is now the least. Laurel, because she’s hot, kind, and smart. Jesse because he’s a threat and never stops looking like he’s squinting into the distance.

Opposite Worlds Notes

  1. Jesse and Jeffrey had no trouble not eating for 24 hours? (I’m craving corn dogs just thinking about the idea of food.)
  2. Team Epoch should be named Team Wolfpack.
  3. Do you think Wyatt stole the furs when he left? He seemed like the kind of guy who might appropriate that into his daily wear. He also seemed like a hard-headed over-zealous future cult leader, so really, who knows?
  4. The live shows could be cut down to 30 minutes.

Are you losing interest? Do you think Lauren is the hottest girl? Danielle? Samm? If you were paying attention while reading, you already know where my vote goes. As for my favorite player of the week, I’d have said Jesse. I’d trust him having my back, he seems all right.