Fozzie Bear can relate to this episode.

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Opposite Worlds Recap

Issued a Medieval challenge, the contestants were told to tie up a member of the opposite team. Easy enough. But then the teams must untie their own members. Team Chronos put up Mercy, as a friendly form of initiation. Team Epoch also picked their new member, Steven. Strangely (or smartly) enough, Steven volunteered. Well played, my man. That’s a smart game plan in order to win loyalty to a team that’s already bonded together, and show that you’re in this game to play it.

The game got more intense as tomatoes (for pelting) were added to the fun. (Enter my Fozzie Bear reference.) And if you think that tomatoes can’t hurt, you’d be wrong. But even the tomatoes couldn’t make this game more interesting for viewers. In the end, we had our winner. Team Chronos was victorious, and Team Epoch looked crushed.

During the game, Steven got his eye messed up…making this how many injuries that’s taken place in three episodes of this show, now? (Yea, this is not a safe show…not by a long shot. Who in the name of Eddard Stark vetted these games?)

After a night of rest, it was time to learn who the most and least popular members of the ‘Opposite Worlds’ cast are. Clocking in as the most popular player was JR. Ending up as the least popular player was Jeffrey…which not a surprise to anyone but him. He quickly started crying. JR was rewarded with a feast, along with one member of his team. He picked Wyatt. Nothing like a romantic dinner between two brutes. Jeffrey, meanwhile, was forbidden to eat for 24 hours. And one member of his team was chosen to suffer through it as well. Jesse volunteered himself.

Lauren was picked as the protected, as was Frank. One of them will become The Decider. Tomorrow, two people will fight and one will go home.

Opposite Worlds Notes

  1. Frank (the “complete beast”) is an avid manscaper.
  2. Wyatt left Team Chronos “a giant pile of poop.”
  3. Two new team members were introduced to the glory that is ‘Opposite Worlds.’
  4. Here’s how those new team members were dispersed: Mercy goes to Team Chronos. Steven goes to Team Epoch. These were picked by America, so if you’re mad then you have to blame yourself.
  5. While Team Chronos had servants for their dinner, Team Epoch got fish heads.
  6. JR and Jeffrey have an alliance. And for this alliance, Jeffrey throws sandwiches over the wall for JR. It’s …an interesting strategy for a weasel to adopt. But it sure as hell is entertaining.
  7. Team Epoch is making cave art.
  8. Wyatt got drunk on wine.
  9. Jeffrey showed a sense of humor that makes him more likable. Sad thing is, it probably wasn’t even part of his strategy.
  10. Why didn’t Jeffrey ask JR to throw some food over, given that they have an alliance?

Even when they switch worlds, will Team Chronos ever become likable? Staying in The Future for the first few episodes might have been a nail in their coffin.