Opposites Worlds contestant, Lauren Schwab, has not earned your favor. But she has it, anyway. Why is that?

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Contestants Samm Murphy and Lauren have had a tight friendship on ‘Opposite Worlds’ since day one. This alliance has helped them both survive in the game. But, at least Samm has pulled her weight and been in a Duel of Destiny. She has played the game the way it was meant to be played. By being part of it, not coasting.

Lauren is one of the only contestants who never competed in a single Duel of Destiny. I can’t respect that. She has never wanted to go in, and done everything to keep out of them. Smart, sure. But she hasn’t earned a place in the finale..in my mind.

Healthy competition is great, but a small clique of a couple girls has never been attractive.

I hate to admit it, but though the underdogs of Team Epoch started off as being likeable, they turned that around and became the far more manipulative, cruel team. For instance, in the most recent episode, Samm and Lauren were sitting on the side, bullying Lisette and Jeffrey so they’d drop that ball. It’s the same type of underhanded thing they accused “evil” Team Chronos of doing.

But who’s evil now?