You don’t have to go to just IMDB for the best Once Upon a Time trivia.

  • Behind the opening title for each episode, something unique to the episode appears. Such as a unicorn, a troll, a fairy godmother, a wagon wheel, dragon, wolf, gingerbread house, genie, spinning wheel, gold statue…etc.
  • For a long time it was not known if only Regina know about the curse, but in storybrooke so does Mr. Gold. Before he died, The Huntsman aka Graham did remember his real life.
  • If Mr. Gold wants Regina to obey, he just has to say “please.”
  • Mr. Gold’s tagline is that magic always has a price.
  • The Blind Witch was played by Emma Caufield, but was originally cast to be played by Patti Allen.

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  • Emma Swan is Emma Swan, and not a fairytale character.
  • Once Upon a Time was created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Kitis and Horowitz were producers on Felicity and Lost with J.J. Abrams. The series Lost used a similar flashback format as OUAT.
  • There is an additional dwarf in the fairytale world, named stealthy.
  • Regina is the only person who has the same name in both worlds.
  • Prince Charming has many names from James, David Nolan and John Doe.
  • Henry’s book of fairytale stories are not traditional. The people in storybrooke know of fairytales, but not these specific ones.
  • Produced by ABC Studios and working with Disney means that Once Upon a Time can use Disney variations on fairytales.
  • The two lead actresses on Once Upon A Time have the same first name. Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison may spell their first name differently but that’s only because Goodwin changed her name legally so her first name would stand out and people would use the Memphis pronunciation she was used to.