The Stranger on Once Upon a Time has revealed his name – August W. Booth. Portrayed by Eion Bailey, we know this character is one of the few to ever arrive from out of town. (The other being Emma Swan.) But what else can we guess by his name?

Initially, we thought The Stranger would be The Wolf, but that might not be true.

Often there are clues hidden in the names, so what can we learn from “August W. Booth”?

We know he is tricky and has something to hide, because he took pages out of Henry’s fairytale book.

He rides a motorcycle (metaphor for a horse?) and he wears a lot of black (dark knight?) with tiny touches like a purple bandana. (Purple is a royal color.)

Are there clues in others with similar names? There’s John Wilkes Booth, who was a famous assassin. Will he try to kill someone? There’s William Booth, who was a preacher who founded the Salvation Army. Could he be a man of the cloth? There’s Walter de la Bothe, who was a merchant. There’s also William de la Botha, a man who witnessed land grants for a hospital.

We can also look at what the names mean individually. The surname of Booth means “a temporary shelter” – like a stable or barn. (Is he a stableboy?) says that August means “lordly” or “venerated.”  As a name, August also means “great” or “very important.” Could August be a king or a prince?

W could still mean Wolf. And August could mean a variation on the name like Augustine or Augustus, but that would probably be way too literal.

In our research, we have not found any connection to a fairytale and an assassin (aside from The Huntsman) or a specific stranger.

Those are our Once Upon a Time Theories. What are yours?

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Eion Bailey pictures from ABC Studios