Highlights of Once Upon a Time “The Stranger.”

once upon a time

The detail of the Pinocchio doll was simply stunning.
Kudos to whoever crafted that doll!

Realizing who August is!
He’s Pinocchio!

The parallel of Mary Margaret forgiving Mayor Mills…
And how Snow White forgave the Evil Queen.

The idea that Pinocchio was carved from the same tree as the magic one that would protect Emma.
The wardrobe wasn’t the only protective item!

Seeing Archie, Gepetto and Pinocchio with the Blue Fairy.
It’s literally right out of the storybook!

Realizing that Emma couldn’t see the wooden leg.
Because that’s how deep her denial runs.

How adorable the baby Emma is!
And how sad it was when Pinocchio left her.

The final scene between Gepetto’s Storybrooke self and Pinocchio.

“I just feel like fixing things.”