Quotes from ABC’s Once Upon a Time episode “The Shepard” are worth a second read/listen! We won’t just tell you what the great quotes were, we’ll tell you why we picked each quote to be featured and what its’ deeper meaning could be.

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Once Upon a Time Quotes ABC

“‘Should be’ doesn’t matter.” – David

A recurring theme in the fairytale land and in Storybrooke was someone talking about what was the “right” choice and what “should be.”

“Stop cleaning and have a drink.” – Emma to Mary

A wonderful mother/daughter relationship in the making. But all jokes aside, Emma really did counsel her mother very well in “The Shepard.”

“As poor as we are, love is one thing I can afford.” – The Prince as a Shepard, name not known. Possibly David

Charming/David has far too many names. Because he’s also James. And we don’t even know for sure what his Shepard-era name was… but as it stands, this was the best quote of the episode, for me.

“Everyone has a choice, dearie. Make sure it’s the right one.” – Rumpelstiltskin

When Rumple calls you affectionate names it just seems creepy. The “right choice” often seems to be code for “what you know I want you to do.”

“Generally speaking, if you think something you want to do is wrong, it is.”

Truer words, Emma Swan.

“You might have the title, but not the job.” – Solider

I daresay that Charming earned the job in the end.

“Sometimes the cliche’s are true.” – Sheriff Graham

To have this said in a  fairytale show is just too perfect.

“Whoever married Kathryn, it’s not me. I didn’t choose her. I’m choosing you.” – David

Oh, the parallels! Because really, our Prince didn’t marry Kathryn.

“Good Lord, is this really happening?” – Mary Margaret

This is what you say when something amazing is happening to you and you really can’t believe you’re that lucky. One hardly ever gets to say it.

“Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone when you don’t give a crap about what they think.” – Dr. Whale

Is he a Dr. or a therapist? Psh.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights on ABC