Don’t you wish you had a Prince Charming? Don’t you also wish he had a mysterious and dark backstory? Well, Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) aka John Doe aka David Nolan has one! Ginnifer Goodwin‘s Snow White/Mary is lucky. This episode will focus on Prince Charming, and even includes King Midas (got gold?)

once upon a time

Once Upon a Time Episode Guide
Once Upon a Time “The Shepard” Summary

Sheriff Graham is caught in a lie and John Doe, now believed to be David Nolan, is forced to choose between staying with the woman who claims to be his estranged wife Kathryn and Mary Margaret – with whom he’s fallen deeply, and inexplicably, in love – while Prince Charming’s backstory is revealed, along with a life-changing event that will forever alter his destiny, and a secret deal is made between his father King George and King Midas.

Directed by Victor Nelli and written by Andrew Chambliss & Ian Goldberg. Once Upon a Time season 1 episode 6. Premieres Sunday December 4 on ABC.

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This behind the scenes photo of Once Upon a Time shows Josh Dallas as Prince Charming.

Here again is Josh Dallas wielding a sword for the episode “The Shepard.”