There’s something about knowing there’s a weekly fairytale to send us off to bed on Sunday nights that is extremely comforting. Once Upon a Time delivered a wonderful third episode on Sunday night, titled “The Price of Gold.”

Initially I found myself worried that I wouldn’t like the way two classic tales were going to be spun together. We all know the story of Cinderella and we know the story of Rumpelstiltskin. Defiant, I was ready to complain that the show ruined both stories in the merge, but I walked away from the episode feeling happy and proud of everyone who has a hand in creating this show (especially to¬† Liz Tigelaar and Jane Espenson!)

It looks like suspicions that Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) in Storybrook is the Sheriff of Nottingham could be true. Why? Because he’s having a secret affair with the Mayor/Witch aka Regina Mills (Lana Parilla)!

Our Cinderella aka Ella aka Ashley was played by Jessy Schram, and she did a very fine job. She completely looked the part, especially thanks to magnificent jewelry, great hair styling and very clever fashion choices in both worlds. (Did you notice how her maid costume in Storybrook was reminiscent of maid Cinderella?) Even the nightgown Cinderella wore (in that iconic blue) was perfect. Her ball gown and wedding gown (and the Prince’s attire) stayed true to the Disney representations, which I think is fun.

We didn’t have too much of Snow White/Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) this week, but I feel like we learned a few little things about her anyway. We learned that Snow was a friend of Cinderlla’s when we saw them dancing together at the ball. It’s a shame that Mary hadn’t befriended Ashley in Storybrook, yet we saw that Ashley and Ruby aka Little Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory) were friends. That makes sense, and I imagine that Ella and Red were friends, too. Isn’t it nice how many princesses came from less than royal roots? It almost makes me want to see a Funny or Die video of how they’re the Real Housewives of Storybrook. (And then each actress could argue about which of them, on screen, has the hardest life. If you haven’t ever seen the short film DySenchanted, you simply must.)

Before I get off topic, we saw more of Mary’s residence which his very cottage-like, rustic, and sweet. And we learned that Snow White was very in tune with nature and could send messages via blue birds. (I can too, but I don’t like to brag…)

Now, I do want to mention Ruby again! I love this character, especially all the little ways we see Little Red Riding Hood incorporated into Ruby’s character. I’m sure Ruby’s episode will be a very big one, indeed. This week in addition to her red/white outfits she had red and white gingham earrings, and she had a special wolf good luck charm in her car. …And her car is now gone, meaning she’ll have to walk places. Ahem.

I had assumed that Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) was Sleeping Beauty, because of how well that metaphor works for her to have been sleeping and finally wakes up… blah blah… but now I’m not so sure. And now Emma is in a pickle, because she’s made a deal with Mr. Gold and you know that won’t turn out well! (Oooh, the drama.)

Can you wait for the next episode? I’m excited. And that’s a very good feeling to have.

Grade: A

Rewatch: Yes!

React: Do you think Emma is Sleeping Beauty or not? Does she technically have to be a certain fairytale character? If so, then who do you suppose she is?

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC by ABC Studios

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