Here is the collection of the best OUAT quotes from season 2 episode 11 “The Outsider”.

Emilie de Ravin as Belle. Photo: ABC

Captain Hook Quotes: I’ve always wanted to dissect a cricket.

What about that one Doctor Who episode about the library, huh?

Belle Quotes: I think it’s safer if I stick to my books. They’re the only adventures I know that have happy endings.

I got nothing for this….
Belle: I’ve seen what magic does to people.
Dreamy: You’ve seen what dark magic does.

So many F words…
Rumple: This is my fight.
Belle Quotes: This is my fault.

Z-snap. You don’t know her life!

Rumple: Have you dueled with a pirate before?

She’s accustomed to castles…

Snow White Quotes: I just imagined a bigger roof. With turrets.


Belle: When you find something worth fighting for you never give up.

Well said…
Belle: His heart is true. Yours is rotten.

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 11 | Once Upon a Time “The Outsider” Quotes | Series created by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz | Photo Credit: ABC | Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.