There’s something intriguing and wicked about Regina Mill’s office in Storybrooke.

We’ve previously covered where you can go in Canada to see the Once Upon a Time outdoor sets. Now it’s time to talk about an indoor set. The Mayor’s office is at Bridge Studios in Burnaby.

The first time you see the Mayor’s Office on Once Upon a Time, you understand how perfectly it suits the character of Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) aka The Evil Queen. It’s cold and unfeeling, just like her! Brrr. Set Director Mark Lane created this particular space, so kudos to him on translating these feelings so well.

The overwhelming impression is that everything is black and white (deep!), with just the hint of dark, tempting red used by the inclusion of red apples. One of the most striking features of the room is the black and white tree wallpaper. It’s actually been suggested that it’s the Sandpiper Tree wallpaper by Seabrook. (Available in other color combinations.) Even if you have no intention of putting up new wallpaper, you can easily make this look your desktop wallpaper, or Twitter background. (I did both, whee!)

The trees surrounding her mimic the idea of the forest from fairytale land, and also the idea that she’s hiding up and away from everyone else to protect her secrets. When the camera moves quickly, the tall birch tree figures on the walls can merge together and look like you’re inside of a fortress or a prison. And when someone (like Emma or Henry) is called into her office they know they’re in her domain.

once upon a time abc set design

To recreate the look of The Mayor’s Office on Once Upon a Time, here are some tips:

  1. once upon a time set designUse modern, contemporary pieces of furniture and decorative objects.
  2. Use glossy black paint to update a lamp. Finish it with a black lampshade for a seriously intimidating effect.
  3. Try out some very graphic black and white prints for your curtains and rugs. They don’t have to match if they are all the same two colors. Vary the scale of the design for optimal interest.
  4. Framed black and white photographs are updated to look professional when framed with a white mat and the frames are unison in size and look.
  5. Glass tables don’t distract from the look, while still being useful.


Like everything in Storybrooke, the office is meant to look a little bit drab and depressing. That’s intentional on the part of the set designers. However, the Mayor’s office might be the one place that doesn’t look quite as shabby and worn down as everything else in town. (Would you ever find a speck of dust there?) It looks severe and ageless. This just goes to show that it’s truly the Queen’s wicked world and everyone else is just living in it.

once upon a time set design

Photos: The Vancouver Sun, Seabrook and ABC

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights on ABC.