It appears that Jamie Dornan needs a new job.

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Once Upon a Time Review “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

Once Upon a Time has delivered its first real death of the series, and it was a painful one for those who loved the character of Graham The Sheriff (Jamie Dornan.) We finally learned in this episode that his fairy tale land counterpart was The Huntsman.

I hadn’t warned up to this character yet, but this episode really made me get on the bandwagon. So, of course, he died! The evil queen/mayor is completely vindictive. We learned that in both “worlds.” She murdered Snow White’s father, and blames Snow for losing the love of her life. She wants revenge against the entire kingdom. But we still don’t know what Snow White did to ruin the queen’s life.

The queen ruins plenty of lives on her own, because she keeps a chamber full of human hearts that she rips out with her bare hands. She’s incredibly controlling and manipulative.

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I thought the wolf (one red eye, one black eye) was very cool. When we saw Rumpelstiltskin in the woods with a shovel I almost thought he’d killed the wolf  or was a shapeshifter.  (But what is he really doing in the woods, he’s certainly not gardening!)

I’m totally bummed that we’ve lost the Sheriff, and by the promos for next week he’s definitely dead. How do you guys feel about this major loss?

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Once Upon a Time airs on ABC