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Okay, I love this side of Rumpel. Plus, that’s a gorgeous necklace. Jewelery is always the right gift. Unless you’re proposing and it’s your first date. Then it’s a weird gift.

belle ouat

“What’s the occasion?” – Belle
“The occasion is…us.” – Rumpelstiltskin

Uh oh, he’s – no, no, it’s a dream. And look how pretty Belle’s bedroom is! My sister has that same antique headboard. And yes, that’s jealous you’re sensing.

belle once upon a time

He’s got a spinning wheel? Gold into straw, huh? Familiar story! But this time, with more of a mad scientist feeling.

emilie de ravin belle

The image in the opening credits… I couldn’t even tell. A sheet? A spooky sheet?

belle once upon a time

Is Rumpelstiltskin’s wife Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

josh dallas

“You don’t need power, Rumple. You need courage…to let me in.” – Belle, Once Upon a Time Quotes The Crocodile

Is the man with the red hat Smee? He was short and always wore that red hat…so…maybe? I’m saying that is the Once Upon a Time Smee!

meghan ory

“A man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets.” – Once Upon a Time The Crocodile Quotes

Captain Hook is played by Colin O’Donoghue. Hook’s other name is Killan? I didn’t catch it. Oh, oh Killian Jones. There we go. Google is helpful.

once upon a time fashion belle

Well, seeing Red/Ruby with a basket like that is pretty cute.

once upon a time fashion

Belle’s Dad!

A bean. A magic bean.

“I’ve never had it iced before. It’s delicious!” – Belle

Ruby and Belle are gonna be BFFs.

Yes, she loves books. And she’s going to open the library. See, this is why I feel like I’d be Belle. Also, doesn’t it seem like Emilie de Ravin could easily be Wendy as well as Belle? I wonder if OUAT will ever show a Wendy…

Ah, so Rumple is The Crocodile for how he looks, huh? Clever twist.

once upon a time ruby fashion

Listen, you are not the only one swooning over how attractive Hook is.

“I see my reputation proceeds me.” – Rumple

That drawing of Belle is pretty good.

Oooh, the heart stealing stuff started with Rumple.

And Mila is not close to being dead. But I can’t figure out who Mila is. Mela?

Belle’s Dad is pretty controlling. That is not at all what he was like in the Disney movie. Well, actually.. he kind of was? I can’t remember. Time for a re-watch.

“Are you asking dating advice?” – Charming

“Tick tock dearie, tick tock!” – Rumple

Mila still abandoned her son, not to mention her husband – without a goodbye. She sucks.

once upon a time ruby

“I feel a proposal coming on.” – Rumple

Ruby is always protecting other girls. Remember her and Ashley aka Cinderella?

She can smell her? That’s awesome. Sniff away! “I guess it’s cause of the wolf thing.” Yea. It’s not allergies.

“He’s sending her across the town line.” – Rumple

Hook lost his hand to a crocodile…that much is true. This is very smart.  And this is how he decides to use a hook. So iconic. I love it. And I love the twist that he’s innocent more than we think of him being.

I am so glad Belle didn’t lose her memories. Belle’s Dad tried to give her a lobotomy!

I’m not sure if Ruby should open a halfway house for women or a detective agency.

I am so glad that Rumple gave her the library. Giving her independence is the bravest thing he could do. See, it doesn’t matter what realm he’s in, he’s insecure and afraid of things and a coward. And he has to get over that.

Ungh, I love breakfast foods.

“Do you… have you ever had a hamburger?” – Belle

I get why there was no hamburgers… or iced tea… but there was no pancakes in the fairytale world? I find this difficult to believe.

Ew, gross hand!

Hook lost his love and his hand. It’s been a bad day.

Ha, I knew it was Smee! William Smee.

“What’s the name of the place we’re headed, captain?” – Smee
“Neverland.” – Hook

The curse didn’t take Captain Hook? Did they not make it to Neverland? Oh. Cora. She explains a lot.

“Sparkly dirt. Wonderful.” – Hook

“I can skin myself a crocodile.” – Hook

You know, all of these people make a LOT of enemies.

Once Upon a Time Fashion Notes:

Belle’s strappy heels and her blue dress are so, so cute and who doesn’t want them? Meanwhile, we’ve got sexy Captain Hook in … whatever that is, and Ruby in a funky rocker look that makes her look like she’s about to be in an 80’s band. And then later, Belle wore a great pleated skirt and blouse.

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