Did you really think Archie was dead? I did too! Here’s my OUAT Season 2, episode 10 “The Cricket Game” review!

Snow White and Prince Charming (ABC/JACK ROWAND)

Red Cricket

Red Cricket fans probably love how Red came up to Archie and Regina to intervene. It’s kind of odd for me to think of Red jogging, but whatever! Later on, it was also Red who noticed something was wrong and kind of “talked” with Pongo.

Picnic time

I adore Belle as much as I adore Emilie de Ravin, so I’m glad she was included in this episode. (And her fashion! So sweet. Yellow…or more of a goldenrod color.) Granted, she didn’t have much more than a brief cameo in this episode. But I like the seeds planted, letting us know that she and Rumpelstiltskin are still dating… (is what they’re doing dating? Who knows.) It’s sweet, and I like them as a couple.

Emma’s Magic

It’s cool that Emma is using magic and all, but I still don’t know why they trust the dreamcatcher when Rumple is the one who took the memories from Pongo. Couldn’t Ruby have talked to Pongo or something? I wouldn’t have trusted the dreamcatcher, is all. Though we can’t forget to be a bit impressed by Emma and her way of using magic.. because she likely has more power than anyone else… though she won’t know how to harness it for a long while.

Regina vs Snow

Whenever I try to think good of Regina, the series shows us something major… like Regina killing Snow White! Well, she thought she was killing her. That’s serious! Man, just when I was starting to forget enough (Cough – Sheriff Graham – Cough Cough) so that I could like her again…

Is Archie dead? For real? For really real?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Raphael Sbarge earlier this year, and I had no idea he’d be killed off! The entire episode I kept thinking they’d bring Archie back to life, didn’t you? And I was so relieved when it was revealed he was indeed alive! (Because if he was dead, so much more of a fuss needed to be had!) …and probably going to be tortured for intel! Man, it’s gonna be like Homeland now… But with fairy dust, ogres and grand ball gowns…

What would you grade this episode? There wasn’t enough of the fairy world for me to adore it… I’d say a B for keeping up with the quality I’ve come to expect with OUAT. There was some nice progress between Emma and Henry, and now we’re going to get even more.

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 10 | Once Upon a Time “The Cricket Game” Review| This episode was written by: Robert H. Goodman and Robert Hull. Series created by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz | Photo Credit: ABC | Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.