Below we have wonderful pictures from the Once Upon a Time episode “That Still Small Voice.” The images feature Ruby, Emma, Sheriff Graham and the Mayor. (And Henry sneaks in there, too. Plus, Jimminy Cricket!)

Lana Parilla as The Mayor is gonna take charge of this unfortunate sinkhole. So everyone can go home and pretend it isn’t happening, right? Or maybe Henry will try to jump in. Just sayin’.

The Mayor is going to take care of this sinkhole! I spy Ruby standing nearby, do you? (Hint, check out the red leggings.)

The Sheriff, Emma and the Mayor all try to get along. Probably not going to happen, eh? Too bad Emma doesn’t realize that the Sheriff isn’t exactly on her side. The Mayor and Sheriff Graham get to have all sorts of sexual tension right in front of her!

A pow-wow between two rivals. I bet the Mayor wants to know when Emma is going to wear a different outfit, because I’m suer wondering it. Meanwhile, Emma has a good comeback if she asks where Mayor Mommy is shopping other than Coldwater Creek. Yikes. Are those Mom Khaki’s?

He’s Once Upon a Time Ruby aka Little Red Riding Hood. And those aren’t red leggings, they’re just tight red jeans. I think this is a great modern interpretation for Red Hood and what she’d wear. Take notes for your Halloween costumes!

That Still Small Voice Summary: Emma is deputized by Storybrooke’s Sheriff Graham and an earthquake causes a giant sinkhole to mysteriously appear near the town’s edge. Henry wants to check it out. Meanwhile, Jiminy Cricket wants to leave. Once Upon a Time season 1 episode 5. Written by Jane Espenson. It airs on ABC.