Here are a collection of OUAT quotes from the season 2 episode “Tallahassee.”

Reminds me of Death. – Mulan
Encouraging. – Snow White Quotes

Whatever story you think you know is most certainly wrong. – Hook Quotes

…And a golden goose, or harp. – Emma Swan Quotes

emma swan style

Evil giants who made evil portal beans? – Emma

I love that even though Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White is still wearing a pink cardigan she’s not afraid to be tough with Hook so he knows she doesn’t trust him. Her eyes are tough.

I might be a pervert, but you’re definitely a car thief. – Neal Cassidy

Emma: I stole a stolen car?
Portland Oregon 11 years ago. We have Emma looking very Portland with the plaid dress and the big black plastic glasses frames.

Snow won’t like that. – Mulan
It’s why I’m asking you. – Emma

In other words, tick tock. – Hook Quotes

I was hoping it would be you. – Hook

Don’t think I’m taking my eyes off you for a second. – Emma
I would despair if you did. – Hook

That’s not perception, that’s eavesdropping. – Emma Swan Quotes

That’s fly paper for nightmares? – Neal

Come, everything we need is right in front of us. – Hook

It’s a long story but trust me, you wanna hear it. – August Quotes

Think of me as Emma’s guardian angel. – August

You love her, good. That means you have to do right by her. – August

She, has a destiny. And you, this life… you’re going to keep her from it. – August

…will you do the right thing or not? So, are you ready? – August

Try something new, darling. It’s called trust. – Hook

They massacred us and destroyed our beans. – Giant
I heard it the other way. – Emma Swan
That’s because the victor’s get to tell the story. – Giant

once upon a time

I wear it as a reminder. A reminder that you’re all killers. – Giant
You’re wrong. – Emma Swan Quotes

You do not put my daughter in danger. – Snow White

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 6 | Once Upon a Time “Tallahasse” Quotes | This episode was written by Written by: Christine Boylan and Jane Espenson | Photo Credit: ABC| Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.

Compiled by Estella Pierce for Small Screen Scoop.