The Evil Queen grew into her big, black heart and we got to see just how it happened.

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Once Upon a Time Review “Stable Boy”

Regina and Daniel, the Future Queen and the Stable Boy

They go places like Firefly hill, guys! They steal kisses between lunch and tea, and their love is forbidden! Daniel was the stable boy, whose trajectory was downwards. We got to meet Regina when she was a wholesome, sweet person.

The proposal of Regina to the King was so terribly unromantic, I did feel bad for her. (Even though the root of “you care about my daughter so you are worthy of being my Queen” is a sweet idea, in theory.)

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Little Snow White

She looked well cast as Ginnifer Goodwin, did she not? She also reminded me of the Veronica Mars actress Tina Majorino.

What I’ve struggled with for a long time is this idea that the reason Regina hates Snow White would be something that wasn’t entirely Snow’s fault. And if that’s the case, how can we ever forgive Regina for the evil she’s done? Well, you can hardly blame a child for being a tattle tell! So Regina is a proper, true villain. I might understand a bit of her reasoning, but not her extreme measures. Things got a little easier once Snow White made her promise and she was tricked into breaking it. Still, Regina must realize how young Snow was!

“I just didn’t want you to lose your mother, like I lost mine.” – HEART BREAKING!

A New Love

I did not think I would get past loving Emma and Graham, but I do love August. And Emma and August exploring and investigating was a lot of fun.

Then again, I’ve been in love with Eion Bailey for a long time, ever since he did that TV show (Significant Others) with Jennifer Garner. He’s got the ruggedly handsome thing down pat.

Once Upon a Time Fashion

Between Regina’s blue gown, her wedding gown and Snow White’s little white gown and white headband… I was blown away by how pretty everything in the fairytale world was. I was also impressed by the black hoodie jacket Emma Swan wore in Storybroke.

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