Once Upon a Time spoilers for “Hat Trick” – episode 17.

Once Upon a Time spoilers below the jump.

New characters introduced include the Mad Hatter, his daughter (Grace/Paige), the Caterpillar (animated, voiced by Roger Daltrey ), the Knave of Hearts (Paul McGillion) and the Queen of Hearts (Jennifer Koenig.)

Wonderland is a realm of Fairytale land.

Mary Margaret will continue to be found guilty.

Who is Jefferson (the Mad Hatter)? He is a late 20s to Mid 30s, a rakishly handsome, former criminal who in Fairy Tale Land has given up his life of crime and dedicated himself to his daughter, while in Storybrooke he is a dangerous and mysterious figure who knows about the curse and attempts to convince Emma that it is real.

The Mad Hatter was asked by the Evil Queen to steal something from the Queen of Hearts.