Once Upon a Time tonight will continue to mimic Lost‘s style of flashbacks to embellish the ongoing story. Former Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz seem to be adapting the story structure they used for Lost on Once Upon a Time. Not only will there be flashbacks in every episode, each episode will focus on one particular character.

once upon a time snow falls

Are you ready to see how Snow White and Prince Charming first met? The Prince rescues Snow, of course. Luckily things don’t stay completely one sided, because in Storybrooke Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) saves John Doe (Josh Dallas.) (Maybe a kiss will wake him from his coma?)

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Once Upon a Time Snow Falls Summary – ABC

Mary Margaret is astonished at the outcome after she reads to John Doe from the storybook while visiting him at the hospital. Back in fairytale world, Snow White and Prince Charming meet up for the first time.

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