Learning that Snow White and Prince Charming started out as snarky as Luke and Lorelai of Gilmore Girls was a really nice touch.

What did you guys think of the latest episode (“Snow Falls”) of ABC’s Once Upon a Time? This episode focused on the character of Snow White/Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin.) We learned about her past, how she met Prince Charming, and she also managed to wake up the modern day Prince (Josh Dallas.)

Of course, in the modern, cursed, town the Prince isn’t named James – it’s David. And he’s allegedly married (but has no memory.) Nice trick of the Mayor/Witch, huh?

Seeing that Snow White wasn’t always a delicate flower is a nice surprise. She was wanted by the Queen and had resorted to being a thief. In pants!

But isn’t Mary and Snow supposed to be similar? I feel like their character traits are worlds apart! We need to see Mary being much stronger than she’s been so far. Of course, she’s not afraid to stand up to the Mayor, and Snow has stood up to the Witch. So there is that.

Who do you think the doctor (David Anders) is in fairytales? The obvious answer is that he’s Doc, a dwarf – but he’s loyal to the Witch/Mayor and not Snow/Mary. And we all know that Snow White had those dwarves whipped!

Grade: B-
Worth a Rewatch: Yes (For the Snow White flashbacks.)

What would you rate this episode from A-D? And do you think Mary and Snow White are similar in their personalities?