Did you keep track? We did! There were plenty of similarities between Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie, and the Once Upon a Time movie titled “Skin Deep.” Because ABC and Disney work together, these overlaps are allowed to happen. And that makes it fun to see how many specifically Disney versions of the tale are winked at in the ABC series.

Similarities between Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and ABC’s Once Upon a Time

  • “Yea, well, I’m a difficult man to love.” – Mr. Gold
  • The yellow ball dress.
  • There was Gaston, a brute.
  • A long table implores you to “be our guest.”
  • Mr. Gold is called a Beast.
  • Belle never loved Gaston, and she wanted real love.
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  • Beauty and the Beast is French, and Belle’s Dad’s last night was French.
  • Belle is used as collateral to save something.
  • There’s an important teacup, with a chip. Just like how Disney has a teacup named Chip.
  • Belle climbs high up on a ladder.
  • Belle wants to see the world and to be a hero.
  • “So you were a man once. An ordinary man.” – Belle
  • “You’re not a monster.” – Belle
  • The Beast lets her leave. He says he expects she won’t return.
  • There is an importance of flowers – specifically red roses.
  • “An old woman selling flowers.”
  • The blue dress.
  • Mr. Gold/the Beast makes Belle smile and laugh, she appreciates him.
  • There is actual romance between the two.
  • Belle helps him change and he decides to let some of her changes stick.
  • A kiss of true love could break a curse. “True love’s kiss will break any curse.” And the kiss does help remove the curse.
  • The beast gets upset and smashes all of his items.
  • People mistrust Belle when she’s returned and still likes the Beast.
  • A tower is involved, and someone falls from it in both stories.

Photo: Emilie de Ravin / ABC Television Studios