Pour yourself another drink, and let’s do some magic!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Once Upon a Time Recap – Live Blog Style

We get to see Bae right at that moment of feeling utterly betrayed by his father. HEARTBREAKING. Can you imagine? At least he landed in a time period where a cape like his wouldn’t get him too noticed in a bad way.

Opening Credits: Big Ben Clock Tower (Cause it’s Peter Pan, guys!)

Now he’s dirty and unkempt. And his clothes are really, really ragged. Because there’s no food, he’s gotta break into homes for some of the plumpest loaves of bread I’ve ever seen. But you know who that doesn’t fly with? Nanna the dog! Or Wendy.

Freya Tingley is playing Wendy Darling, and she is adorable. And that bow in her hair? I can hardly stand the sweetness of it all.

Now that we see modern day Bae…Neal, I wonder where Wendy Darling is now?

Lacey has very different fashion than Belle. I actually kind of dig the bottom of that sheer black dress, although the cherry red jacket is too bright for me. It screams “I’m gonna be bad and sexually rebellious!” and I already have a perfectly good pair of boots that does that already.

Emma is obsessed with Tamara. But for good reason, considering she’s RIGHT, and all.

Dylan Schmid plays young Bae on Once Upon a Time.

Dylan Schmid plays young Bae on Once Upon a Time.

Home office, huh? How many are involved in this?

Here’s a fun commercial with Lana Parrilla for Disney World Resort, which has a new Fantasy Land.  I have to admit, I want to go. I haven’t been since I was in second grade, so I’d say I’m due!

Man, Mrs. Darling is SO nice. (Her yellow and lace dress is so pretty.) And Mr. Darling reminds me of Victor Garber, just a bit.

Does the interaction between Wendy and Bae remind anyone else of that Christmas movie called “Santa Claus: The Movie”? The girl helps feed the homeless boy?


I used to wear nightgowns like that when I was a little girl – all white and frillly with eyelet lace. I miss that. These days I wear T-shirts and shorts.

Uh oh, the shadow!

Snow White can cry awfully fast. Of course, she’s got a lot of material to work with. Hers are not first world problems. She’s got time travel and missing beans, a daughter she didn’t get to see growing up, and all sorts of stuff.

Freya Tingley as Wendy Darling

Freya Tingley as Wendy Darling

Now she’s putting stuff in her eyes. See, that would creep me out way too much. What if it blinded you? But the magic it did…well, that was pretty cool. That has to be one of my most favorite spells ever shown on Once Upon a Time!

Oh no…the shadow is Peter Pan, not Bae. Well, Hook is from Neverland, but who else? Or, maybe Bae will become Peter Pan and the shadow is still just the shadow.

They’ve cleansed the world of magic before, yea? Intense. These guys seem a little too inexperienced for me to believe they were the ones who helped do it.


Why does the shadow only want boys? I mean, we know it’s about having The Lost Boys as per the story but… what is the reason?

Lacey is just another Twilight fan wannabe who wants to become a vampire or anything that lets her feel powerful and different.

Oh, little Michael! No! He’s adorable. Young Bae looks a little like a very young Elijah Wood… and young Wendy looks like a very young Emma Stone.

Man, that shadow does not care if he hurts Bae!

Greg is a horrible bad guy, he lingered and almost got caught. Lame.

Uh oh, Tamara. You been found out! You know, I like the IDEA of people fighting against magic. But Greg and Tamara do not seem like very powerful villains.

Crawl up! Crawl up! That portal is going to expand, fools!

Okay, blah blah. Portal! It wasn’t satisfied until something went through, I guess. It ate Neal. And Emma is sad. It was all very Titanic of them in that scene of deep confessions and hand holding.

Wow, Greg’s Dad really is dead. Regina …wasn’t lying? Sorry Greg, you aren’t Emily Thorne, and your revenge didn’t work very well.

Oh, that rock is the trigger for the failsafe! But how would anyone know what the trigger is? I mean, it looks just like a stone. How is there such a history that people can be like “oh THAT stone, that’s the one for failsafes!”

…And, Once Upon a Time totally just spoiled the season finale plot in the “next week” promos! Man.

What is most interesting, to me, is wondering where Bae went with the shadow. And why the shadow didn’t want girls. And why he needed more people, anyway. And where IS Neverland in relation to the fairy land we know?