This Once Upon a Time recap of “And Straight on Til Morning” includes the best quotes from the episode!


Once Upon a Time Recap “And Straight on Til Morning”

Killan Jones knows the name Baelfire!

Welcome aboard Baelfire. A pirate’s life for you. – Hook

It’s easy to forget that Mr. Gold wants Henry dead. Except for when the show reminds us in a dramatic way, like that. (Isn’t Henry almost too old for swings like that? Wouldn’t he rather play video games?)

Aw, Rumple! Don’t faint!


They didn’t kill my son. I did. I brought magic to this world. … Magic always has a price and this is it. – Rumpelstiltskin

Your sacred cause is pilfering a dwarves pick-axe?- Hook

The rock! It’s turned blue. It’s floating around. It’s shining. It …exploded into blue light! And now it’s … swirling around. Blue isn’t a very scary color, though. You’d think it would be red. …Though the vines growing up the clock tower are pretty freaky… I guess I spoke too soon!

Hook/Emma! I still like them.

If there’s one thing I want more than my revenge, it’s my life. – Hook

If he tries anything I’ll shoot him in the face. – Charming, to Hook

See, this moment with Regina and Henry redeems her, even though technically I know I should still be mad at her.

It’s funny that the pirates are afraid of these lost boys. They’re capes are just like dirty hoodies in a modern-day twist sense of things.

Shadow-ripping. Sounds painful.

Oh, now Belle could come back! That was easy…it just landed in his lap.

Uh, Greg is not very discreet. Let’s just burn things in the middle of the street, all the secret files, yup yup! No one can see me except…EVERYONE.

Hmm. Does Hook care about anyone else but himself? I’m not sure.

I am not your mate. – Charming

Charming could totally overpower those two, let him follow!

Regina will sacrifice herself. Now she’s redeemed.

Tell him that in the end it wasn’t too late for me to do the right thing. – Regina, on what Emma should tell Henry

Did Belle just spill that drink with the potion?

Is she Belle now? I think so. Oh man, and he’s crying. Wow.

These fairytale guys really believe in happy endings.

Snow White is being selfish. “Let’s all maybe die because I have a lot of guilt towards Regina and need to put us all at risk to alleviate it!”

You can join us and be a part of something. Or you can do what you do best and be alone. – Emma to Hook

Where are the sending the trigger thingy though, to fairytale world? Because that wouldn’t be nice.

You were willing to die to save us. And that makes you a hero. – Henry to Regina

Of COURSE Hook took the bean. Why wouldn’t they check the pouch right away?!

You hated my father so much, you didn’t even realize you’re just like him. – Bae

The Magic Bean makes me laugh.

The townsfolk should just leave Storybrooke, and be alive even if they can’t remember who they are. I think. I mean, I guess that would feel like death, too.

Oh. HENRY will stop it. They just made it obvious. No? Oh. Emma will help. Okay, okay. She’s all special and weird too, so it works. I like all the symbolism in that.

The vines are done being viney! But we’ve ten minutes yet, so something else will happen…

I don’t trust Regina, still. Is that weird? I don’t even want her to hold the trigger thing.

Greg and Tamara never wanted to blow up Storybrooke? I doubt they’re that smart. That seems dumb. Bad plot weaving here. Greg seems like a doofus. Ugh.

You know, I don’t think many OUAT fans care about Henry enough to care that he’s lost in a portal. I certainly don’t.

Ha, couldn’t they just grow more beans and follow Henry later?

Hook is all redeemed now, too. Yea, yea. I guess we’re getting new villains in Once Upon a Time season 3. And now our favorite gang is going to the Fairytale world.

Scroll of secrets!

Oh, and then they could never be reunited? That’s tough. What about all the other people the rest wouldn’t get to see? He should make a warning to everyone on the ship! Or Belle should have more of a sense of urgency….cause….why not just grab another townsfolk person to give the scroll to, so she can go with him?

See, Rumpelstiltskin did what he was mocking the dwarves about…he brought back Belle only to say “and now I’ll never see you again.” How nice.

Mulan and Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) have found Bae. It was odd how the show kind of just…wrote them all off for the last half of the season. There was not enough character continuity with all that.

Neverland time! Good thing Bae showed up there now, too. That’s almost too easy.

What if a fish or a dolphin swam into the portal by accident? I worry for all wildlife!

Peter Pan never fails.

They just want Henry. Okay.

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