Is Aurora dead?! Here’s our OUAT Season 2 episode 9 “Queen of Hearts” recap!

This is a live OUAT recap!

I understand that Captain Hook doesn’t want to save Belle, but did he really need to attempt murder?

Opening Credits: A geyser! Which is like an upside down waterfall. Speaking of, I kinda wanna go to Niagra Falls. Who’s gone? Is it overrated? The Office made me think maybe it was a little depressing, even if you’re getting married…

Rumpelstiltskin and Regina are actually getting to be pals, united by the hatred of Cora. It’s borderline sweet.

Regina’s evil hair is basically exactly like Rihanna’s hair.

Oooh. Cora is the Queen of Hearts. Well, it makes a lot of sense. With the heart snatching, and all.

I think Cora is being patient while Hook talks to Emma because all villains love to gloat. And she understands that.

Do you think the ink on the paper will be almost as good as normal squid-ink? (Turns out: yup!)

Henry is Regina’s new weakness, because he is her only real love now.

Hook is pretty nice that he saved Aurora’s heart. Maybe he can be turned back to good? Reformed? What…it happens!

I love the fight sequence near the lake. And I love that Emma saved her Mother, and that her heart saved them all! Cheers all around.

Have we noted that Henry’s scarf looks a lot like the Harry Potter Gryffendoor scarves? I mean, I know it’s not exactly the same but it reminds me of it. Plus, he’s a brave kid.

Yay, Ruby hugged Snow! I adore their longstanding  friendship. I might have a tiny tear in my eye for how Regina saved them, and how she really did want it to work. Emma and Regina aren’t gonna have a slumber party or anything, but this is a step.

Having Snow White kiss Prince Charming, while the dwarves watch is a really cool gender reversal. See, sometimes the female saves the day!

What would you grade this episode? Do you think Captain Hook can be redeemed? What will Cora and Hook do next? Can we all please wear beaded necklaces in our hair like Aurora’s tiara?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 9 | Once Upon a Time “Queen of Hearts” Recap | This episode was written by:  Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz | Photo Credit: ABC| Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.

Written by Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop.