Do you think Emma would ever go live in the fairytale realm? Well, that’s just one thing to think about. In the meantime, here’s your OUAT Season 2, episode 12 “Tiny” review!

snow white

Snow White: A modern day warrior…in great heels!

Once Upon a Time Review “Tiny”

The bean birthright!

So, in “Tiny” we’ve finally met Jack, the Giant Killer. And it’s Jaqueline! With ample bosoms. The lovely minx is played by Cassidy Freeman. She was shacking up with Prince James, and offered some of a magic mushroom towards Anton so that he could shrink to human-size. (The mushroom, she got for killing a Jabberwock. It’s all from Alice in Wonderland, of course.) And in a “too good to be true” way, both Prince James and Jack treated Anton with exceptional care. They also managed to let it slip that they were burdened by a debt to a neighboring kingdom. And, oh, wouldn’t it be nice if they had some magic beans or gold coins. Well, Anton had both! Of course, he kept the beans a secret. But instead of being content with treasure, Jack and James came up the beanstalk to secure some beans. I’m not sure why a couple of puny humans were such a burden for so many big giants, but James got away with plenty of treasure and managed to kill nearly all the giants.

Airplanes are scary

While Henry was marveling at a Cinnabun stand, Rumpelstiltskin was dealing with the woes of modern day travel. Stressful under any situation, he found it particularly difficult as he’d never left Storybrook in his life, had no use of his restored magic, and was not only nervous about finding his son but knew he’d left a destroyed Belle behind. It was all very troubling! And when he had to take off his enchanted scarf, its’ a wonder that Emma was so sure he’d survive a few minutes without touching it. Magically, he didn’t lose himself. Well, technically there was no magic there, since the magic was in the scarf… but you know what we mean!

Brangelina WHO?

Here’s something most OUAT reviews probably won’t touch on, as it’s not a main point to this episode. But, as a girly girl who likes princesses as much as a modern heroine, I couldn’t help but notice this… Snow White is a princess, but she’s ever not one to act like a typical one. (I mean, her past life on the run in the woods kind of dictates this!) Instead, she’s always ready to put up her dukes to defend her family. She’s handy with a bow and arrow, and she’s also incredibly brave at all times. And I love this about her. She’s the right kind of princess to rule a kingdom, because she’ll never just give up all her power to her male counterpart. And because both her and her husband are so strong on their own, they help strengthen each other. Making them an ideal power couple (no pun!) to rule. Brad and Angelina have nothing on them.

What’s in a name… but lots of confusion!

The scene with Leroy, Chaming and Snow running from the giant was both funny and appropriate. See, I find that it’s rather hard to keep track of names in this show. They all have at least two names, not counting nicknames. And then some of them have twins, or their fairytale name might even have more than one variation… But the biggest challenge is always with Josh Dallas’ character. I can never differentiate James vs David! I always forget which was the good twin. And I’d be consent with calling him Charming, except sometimes we all revert to calling people their “more normal” names, so then I try to keep it all uniform. But since I can’t, I try to switch back to the fairytale names. Except some characters clearly prefer the other….other name! So it’s a mish-mash! And really, it’s confusing. And you guys know we do quotes pieces for each new episode of Once Upon a Time, but do you guys want us to put “Snow White Quotes” or “Mary Margaret Quotes”? You know? It’s just plain confusing. So, I’m glad the show (being… Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz)  touched on this because somehow it helps lessen my frustration to know that everyone is aware that this is a confusing issue.

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