How much does Meghan Ory look like Anne Hathaway? Did you notice that OUAT always kills off the most handsome men? And do you agree with this this super optimistic way of approaching the wolf in Ruby as something she can control? Here’s our OUAT Season 2 episode 7 “Child of the Moon” recap!

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This is a live OUAT Recap!

For good work ethic, put Dwarves on your pinterest board. They’re always working!

Opening titles: Red Riding Hood walking

Maybe I’m in a good mood, or maybe Henry really is more endearing. I love how he wants to drink coffee so he doesn’t sleep and have nightmares.

I like that they’re talking about what they call each other – as in, Ruby vs Red. I touched on that in my interview with Raphael Sbarge.

Hmm. Ruby’s red hood isn’t in Storybrooke? Too bad she can’t text the guys back in Storybrooke “Hai Guys, See My Hood? Red!”

Have we talked about how Meghan Ory looks like Anne Hathaway?

They put a lot of blush on Ginnifer Goodwin for this scene. It’s lovely, though. Rosy red cheeks indeed!

Ruh roh. Ruby got out. Bad dog!

I feel so bad for Henry. And hey, Regina. Evil wench! She does weirdly care about Henry. And maybe she  can help Henry and his weird dreams-o-fire?

Ruby could do a Funny or Die about blacking out after a bad night of wolfing out or drinking.

What are the chances that someone is dead? Pretty good? Like 60%?

God, that red cape is so gorgeous.  So is this scenery. Dammit, sometimes I really wanna live in an olden time. But it’d be hard to do that now that I’ve lived in this world with all this technology. But I can still wear a cape.

This guy who stole her cape is such a jerk. Quinn! A fellow wolf. A fellow, handsome wolf. He’s gonna break her heart.

Oh snap. HER MOTHER? They do have the same porcelain skin tone and dark, raven hair…

Don’t tell a kid that his nightmares are REAL, Gold!

I think Ruby probably did kill someone. And I can’t believe they didn’t lock her up in jail the first night – those bars would have held her.

Don’t enough people care about Ruby so they don’t want to murder her?  Now this is like a scene from Beauty and the Beast. Which means it’s perfect to have Belle in this scene.

Oh man, Granny has heard crazy sex!

Oh crap, they tracked Snow to the lair. Now Quinn may be dead!

I love how Emilie de Ravin says “David.”

Someone wanted Billy dead, or really wanted to hurt Ruby. But who? Oh. It’s about David. Stupid King George!

Oh Quinn, you were so attractive… and attractive men on this show are always dying prematurely!

Annabeth Gish is great as Ruby’s Mother, Anita. Although the character is pretty harsh with dolling out the punishment. I love her costume, though. It’s very “gypsy woman.”

Oh, oh! So many emotions. Ruby saved Snow, but she accidentally killed her Mother! Also, how cute did Ginnifer Goodwin look in the scene where she held the red hood out to wolf-Red – aaah!

Why do mobs always have torches? Without torches, can we even call them a mob? And where did they get all of them? And why aren’t flashlights good enough?

Save the wolf! SAVE THE WOLF. …GRANNY! I love Granny.

“She won’t hurt anyone, she’s just scared.” Part of me wants the wolf to maul David right now to prove that we can never control wild animals. THAT’S A LESSON, KIDS.

I actually think it’s wrong to say that Ruby didn’t (and couldn’t) kill anyone as a wolf. I guess OUAT is trying to say that if you put your mind to something you can do it, blah blah. But in most adaptations, wolf-selves cannot be held accountable for what happens when they’ve turned because they have completely lost themselves. And I kind of have gotten used to that. I know the “you are still you” metaphor also plays nicely… I am emotionally conflicted.

I can’t forget to say this important bit of info: Ruby Wolf had the biggest, sweetest eyes. So cute! Let’s help save all wolves, even though they’re quite scary…. hem, hem.

Oh HELL no.

Shouldn’t they issue a press release that Ruby is once again in control of a wolf so that howl is not something to fear?

The Sleeping Curse fire monster is visiting Aurora again. Maybe they can find a way to reunite via this weird portal?

What would you grade the episode?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 7 | Once Upon a Time “Child of the Moon” Quotes | This episode was written by: Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss | Photo Credit: ABC| Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.

Written by Jessica Rae for for Small Screen Scoop.