Here are the 5 highlights of the season one finale of Once Upon a Time.

Regina finally admitted the truth about the curse and fairytales!

It happened quickly in that episdode, but we’ve waited 21 episodes for it! The idea of Emma getting to experience it… is overwhelmingly wonderful. We particularly loved the small moment where she was taken aback to see the actual Snow White glass coffin. We love that it’s been made to look real and beautiful, but also a bit dark and gritty. Can you imagine if you were allowed to see these items?

The magic in the episode was really terrific.
We’re talking about the glowing peridot ring, the true love potion, the wishing well, the magic mirror, the infinite forest, the dragon, how Rumpel’s cut healed so fast…

Snow White’s Engagement Ring.
It’s peridot. A new style trend is having engagement rings with birthstone gems instead of diamonds.

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin reunion was very sweet.
But we can’t wait to see if she thinks he’s good or not.

Everyone regaining their memories.
A happy ending for the fairytale – at least, momentarily!

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