Most of you were probably watching the 2012 Golden Globes instead of Once Upon a Time, but we hope you made some time to watch “True North” later!

Once Upon a Time Review – “True North”

Fairytale Fever. A few fairytale issues were cleared up. People in storybook do know these stories, although the stories in Henry’s book are sometimes a bit different than the traditional tales.

Lies We Tell. Henry’s Dad remains a mystery, although you’re pretty guliable if you believed that fireman/hero story that Emma told to him. That’s just too good to be true. We have no guesses as to Emma’s tryst, because we haven’t been given any clues. Only that he may have gotten her in trouble if right after she met him she ended up in jail.

Importance of a Name. Mr. Gold commented on the importance of just needing a name. Very interesting since he wanted to know the name of the baby (Emma) and in the fairytales, Rumplestiltskin needed his name to be guessed in order to be defeated.

Upcoming Angst. Mary Margaret didn’t ask about who Emma’s fairytale Dad is, but she did find out that she’s supposed to be Emma’s Mom. Which was ten kinds of sweet. Too bad she didn’t recognize that blanket. It’s possible that Snow White is the one who made it.We really can’t wait until Mary Margaret learns who her husband is!

The Stranger. The stranger who rode into town is -spoiler- the wolf! Aka “The Stranger.” He’s in at least two other episodes of Once Upon a Time. We love us some Eion Bailey!

Bad Things. We almost got to find out what sort of bad thing would happen if a fairytale character left Storybrook. Is it wrong that we want to know?