Eleven of the top highlights of Once Upon a Time “The Return.”

There was a fabulous tension while we all were wondering what would happen to the market man when he insulted Rumpelstiltskin’s son.
And it was a throwback to something Mr. Gold had just said about stomping on a poor snail, aw.

The fumbling David and the serene, resting Kathryn Nolan.
We may not love them as a romantic couple, but they have a sweet friendship. Nay, kinship!

The moment where Mr. Gold uncovers the drawing of the dagger with “Rumpelstiltskin” written on it.
We never see him scared, but we did here!

Laughing at how the magic bean is a shiny glass item.
But, nonetheless loving the inclusion of a magic bean!

Mary Margaret’s coat.
It was gorgeous! Once Upon a Time fashion is always great for Mary Margaret.

The running joke of how everyone expects Mr. Gold wants the rent.
Does he not realize how ruthless he is?

Going along with Mr. Gold on the investigation to see if August is his son.
We wanted to believe it, and then it was confirmed for a bit. Nicely played!

The way our hearts hurt when Rumpelstiltskin let his son go without him.
God, that was heartless! But then it broke our hearts to see how he searched the dirt and begged to come with his son.

Realizing why Rumpelstiltskin helped make the spell, as Regina had asked.
He wanted to find his son.

And then realizing that August isn’t Baelfire at all!
Could the donkey on his desk have been a hint?

What’s worse than death?
Being controlled.

Once Upon a Time pics courtesy of ABC. Once Upon a Time “The Return” Review.