I suppose you, like me, thought Tamara was gong to be a normal, innocent citizen, huh? Turns out, not so much. In fact, very, very not so much.


Once Upon a Time “Selfless, Brave and True” Review

I think we can all safely agree that seeing Mary Margaret listening to rebellious modern music and shooting arrows in the woods was one of the coolest things ever. It was only a moment on the screen, but I forsee it as being one of the top moments of the episode and people will be capping images of it, and including it in all of their OUAT fanvids. Now, speaking of being fans…

Do you know who I have been a fan of ever since he had a small bit part in season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Eion Bailey! So, weeing Eion Bailey again, in general. But especially seeing him as a wooden man! There are a lot of unseemly puns I could make about wood, but I shall restrain myself! Anyway, I was so happy that the flashbacks in this episode were about the character of August, because I, for one, have been wondering where he’d been.

At first I thought Tamara was going to be an interesting outsider. But it turns out, she knows a lot about the fairytale world. Or at least enough. Which is highly suspicious… but at least Neal isn’t part of the problem and is innocent. (Which means Emma and Neal could still be the romantic endgame.)

Mary Margaret finally learned that Gepetto lied to her about who could travel in the magical tree thingy (I forgot the name, sue me). I don’t blame her for getting mad, who wants to think of sending their infant baby to another world on their own? But I also can’t blame Gepetto for wanting to save his own son. What was most interesting is that when Mary Margaret learned about this, she slapped Gepetto! But she didn’t mean to…it seems like magic is taking over her… to the dark side!

And that? That should be very interesting to watch unfold.

Review Questions:

  • What do you think happened to Owen’s father?
  • Who was the Dragon really? If he wasn’t from Storybrooke, then he was another type of magic of our world?
  • What’s happening to Mary Margaret?
  • Tamara dates Owen and she wants to help him? Or is she using him, too?
  • Why, why, whyyyy did we have to loose Eion Bailey as a potential series regular?
  • So, Neal knew more about the curse and his father being in Storybrooke, than we had realized? Or did we already know that he knew all of that? Edward Horowitz and Edward Kitsis need to answer this for me!

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