Once Upon a Time delivered an unexpected new romance in “Dreamy.”

Once Upon a Time review “Dreamy” – ABC Television Studios

We learned plenty of things about dwarves in this episode of OUAT, such as – they hatch! And those that they hatch with are their brothers. They get their names from what appears on a pick-axe magically. (The axe never lies.) They love to work so much they whistle while they do it, and go “hi ho!” There’s only male dwarves, and they certainly, never ever, fall in love. Except when there’s one who is so dreamy that he falls for someone anyway. Sigh.

We also learned a bit about fairy godmothers. First they must intern. They have to do things like pick up fairy dust that the dwarves make from coal. They wear very fluffy outfits of pastel colors. And they also don’t fall in love. Except when there is one named Nova. Sigh.

The story of Nova and Dreamy (or Grumpy) is sweet, as was the one of Astrid and Leroy. Astrid was so optimistic and Amy Acker was so sweet in how she portrayed this clumsy, sweet fairy and nun. The idea of making her a nun was perfect, because like a fairy, they cannot be with men and they are isolated from the world a bit.

Belle appeared briefly to talk about love!

I really loved the idea that something they would love and cherish in fairytale land (seeing fireflies) is something we truly can see and have in our world. Magic is magic, guys! (Also, they love to find love.)

We learned that Mr. Gold hates nuns, and he likely also hates fairies. We’ve seen him wrong a fairy, but have they also wronged him? Bring on your Once Upon a Time theories!

The episode “Dreamy” also mentioned that Emma has the ability to always see through a lie. Its’ a wonder why she can’t see through the huge lie that is Storybrooke. But maybe she will soon.

Another little nugget was during the episode we saw a married couple, a beige-y woman and a man in gray chewing on a carrot. Could that be Thumper and the girl bunny from Bambi!?

Though this was a sweet fairytale episode, it did lack a bit of grit that most episodes have. What grade would you give it?

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Images courtesy of Jack Rowand and ABC.