The latest episode of Once Upon a Time gave us more questions than answers. Which is okay, because we’re eager to investigate!

ONCE UPON A TIME Review ‘What Happened to Frederick’

What happened to Kathryn when she was leaving Storybrooke?

The air bag deployed, but we never saw her body. Did she run away? Or did she vanish? It seems like the car crashed right before she left Storybrooke, meaning she could still be around. However, Regina is pretty sure that Kathryn is gone for good. Either Regina doesn’t know something, or she’s in for a surprise. (Totally figures they’d boot a character as soon as we started to like her! Of course… she needs her Storybrooke Frederick so she MUST still be around, right?)

Why can’t people leave Storybrooke?

If everyone’s soul mates and best friends are in town, don’t they have more of a chance at happiness in Storybrooke than outside of it? That may be a flaw in the plot.

Where did the legend of sirens come from?

While watching this episode of OUAT, it made me wonder about where the legend of sirens came from. Was it sailors who would get lost at sea, and people would tell that story? Greek mythology does say it explained shipwrecks.

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Who is August W. Booth and what does he want?

I thought for sure he was the Wolf, but that might not be true at all. (“W” could mean wolf, but I feel as though that’s not going to be the case…it’s too easy.)

What was August doing when he tampered with pages from Henry’s book?

It seems like he created his own pages, taking some out. (He  got them wet to make them look aged.) We don’t have enough clues yet to figure this out, but it’ll be interesting to see what his entire angle is.

Okay, readers. Do you think Kathryn will be back? And who do you think August’s fairytale counterpart is? Use #OUAT to talk about the ABC TV show!