There are two new, interesting faces cast  in Once Upon a Time “Red-Handed.” They may reveal spoilers, so be careful how far you read.

Meghan Ory stars in Once Upon a Time “Red-Handed” of course.

David Anders will reprise his role as Dr. Whale. We suspect he’s from the Pinocchio tale. Eion Bailey is back as August W. Booth aka The Stranger. Granny will figure into this episode, played by Beverly Elliot.

Potential Once Upon a Time spoilers for “Red-Handed” below!

Another new face for Once Upon a Time “Red-Handed” is Jesse Hutch as Peter. Could that be a reference to Peter and the Wolf?

We haven’t see seen Bill Dow as “Mayer Tomkins” so perhaps he’ll be the wolf?

Photo courtesy of ABC Television Studios